Tuesday, March 20, 2018

कैरीची चटणी

कैरीची चटणी

हा कैरीच्या चटणीचा प्रकार माझा विशेष आवडता आहे. एकतर लहानपणापासून ह्याच पद्धतीने केलेली चटणी खाल्ली आहे. तसेच शाळेत असताना म्हणजे साधारण सातवी-आठवी मध्ये असताना आम्ही मैत्रिणींनी स्वयंपाक केला होता तेव्हा मी ही चटणी केली होती आणि सगळ्यांना खूप आवडली होती. तर विचार केला की तुम्हा सर्वांना त्याची पाककृती सांगावी.  

तर आता अजून पाल्हाळ न लावता साहित्य आणि कृती सांगते. 
कैऱ्या - पाव किलो
गूळ   - बारीक चिरून १/२ वाटी 
तिखट - २-३ चमचे  
दाण्याचा कूट - २-३ चहाचे चमचे 
मीठ - चवीनुसार 

तेल, मोहरी, जिरे, हिंग आणि किंचित मेथ्याची पूड   

१. कैऱ्या स्वच्छ धुऊन घेणे आणि साल काढून किसून घेणे. 
२. किसलेल्या कैरीमध्ये तिखट, मीठ, गूळ आणि दाण्याचा कूट मिसळणे. 
३. सर्व पदार्थ एकत्र व्यवस्थित कालवून घेणे. 
४.  सांगितलेले पदार्थ वापरून फोडणी करून घेणे आणि चटणीमध्ये मिसळणे.

तर आंबट, तिखट आणि गोड चवीची चटणी तयार आहे. 

१. कैरीच्या आंबट चवीमुळे गोडसर चव येण्यासाठी गूळ व्यवस्थित प्रमाणात घालणे आवश्यक आहे. गुळाच्या बरोबरीने थोडी साखर घातली तरी छान चव येते. 
२. मी ह्या वेळेस चटणी करताना ब्याडगी मिरचीचे तिखट घातले आहे त्यामुळे छान लालभडक रंग आला आहे.  
३. फोडणीमध्ये मेथ्याची पूड किंचित घातल्याने खूप छान चव येते. पण नसेल अथवा घालायची नसेल तर घातली नाही तरी चालेल.
४. ही चटणी बरेच दिवस टिकते. आणि जेवढी जास्त मुरेल तेवढी छान लागते. 

पाककृतीचा स्रोत: माझी आई 

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

कढिपत्त्याची चटणी

कढिपत्त्याची चटणी 
कढिपत्त्याची पाने - एक वाटी
कारळे - २ मोठे चमचे
तीळ    - २ चमचे
सुके खोबरे (पातळ क‍ाप) - २ चमचे
सुक्या लाल मिरच्या - ५ - ६
लाल तिखट - २ - ३ लहान चमचे 
चिंच - १-२ बुटुक
गूळ - किंचित चवीपुरता
मीठ - चवीपुरते

१. कढिपत्त्याची पाने स्वच्छ धुऊन घेणे. 
२. कढिपत्त्याची पाने किंचित तेलात परतून घेणे. 
३. सुक्या मिरच्या व चिंच किंचित तेलात परतून घेणे.
४. कारळ, तीळ आणि सुके खोबरे तेल न घालता वेगवेगळे परतून घेणे.
५. सर्व भाजून घेतलेले पदार्थ, तिखट, गूळ आणि मीठ एकत्र करून मिक्सर मधे बारीक करणे.

अशी तिखट आणि किंचित आंबटगोड चवीची चटणी तयार आहे.

हयामधे कढिपत्त्याचे प्रमाण आवडीनुसार वाढवू शकता.

पाककृतीचा स्रोत: माझी आई 

Thursday, March 8, 2018

And I changed my profession... (Part 4)

As I mentioned in my previous post, I actually got a query regarding tuition. We (the student's mother and I) decided to have a trial period because we wanted to see if the said girl was comfortable with me and my teaching. So she started coming for Mathematics only tuition. We set the timing as 7 in the evening as I was working then.

So my routine was - come back from the office by 6 PM, freshen up, cook dinner and then start the class at 7 PM. The class used to end by 8:15 - 8:30. Then we used to have dinner and many a times by 9:30 PM I used to login to my office's laptop to complete my office work.

After almost 15 days of trial, both of us felt comfortable and confident that we can continue the class. Till then I did not allow my daughter to attend the class, as I wanted to build rapport with the girl.

If you do not understand the concepts of Mathematics, you cannot solve the problems. And when you cannot solve the problems, you immediately get to know (because in Mathematics, you can either be right or wrong) and your confidence gets shaken up. (I understand that it is applicable to all the subjects, but as my focus was/is Mathematics, writing about it in particular.) The girl had the similar problem. As the concepts were not clear, she was not able to perform. As she was not able to perform, her confidence was low. And as her confidence was low, she was not able to concentrate and understand the concepts. So it as a vicious circle.

Hence my job was to teach Mathematics to both the girls (my daughter and the girl) and work on their confidence as well. For them the exercise was to get their academic performance on track and for me to help them to let it happen. So we started our journey together. As it was 7th standard's syllabus, having a brief look at the topics was sufficient for me before teaching. (But there were some topics which needed extra time to be spent, for better understanding.) Along with textbook, to have more practice I took help of an online tuition site (with a paid subscription).

They completed 7th standard with slightly improved performance and significantly more improved confidence. I was lucky that the girl's parents were very considerate and practical and did not expect drastic change in her performance.

It took almost another term (academic half year) to fine tune our performances. I say 'our performances' because even I needed to adjust my teaching techniques.

And the half yearly exam of class 8 results showed improvement of almost 30 - 40%.

To be continued...  

Tuesday, March 6, 2018


कोणी तरी तिला सांगितले होते की नदीच्या त्या किनार्या लगतच्या डोंगरापलिकडे एक देऊळ आहे. त्या देवळातल्या देवतेकडे सुखासमाधानाची किल्ली आहे.

मजल दरमजल करत ती पोहोचली त्या देवळात. तर मूर्तीच्या जागी एक लख्ख आरसा होता.


मायबोली ह्या संकेत स्थळावर मराठी भाषा दिन २०१८ साजरा केला. त्यात गोष्ट तशी छोटी हा उपक्रम होता. गोष्टीमधे किनारा, डोंगर, आरसा हे शब्द येणे अपेक्षित होते. तर त्यात लिहिलेली ही गोष्ट. 

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

And I changed my profession... (Part 3)

This part is going to be a little difficult for me. There was a time when many things were going on in my mind. Now looking back at that that turbulent time from a distance and putting it down rationally is a task for me. Also this part involves a bit about academic performance of my elder one. She does not like me talking about it. And she is one the readers of write ups. But I hope she will be able to understand my state of mind then.

So the thoughts of taking tuition started shaping up in my mind and my elder daughter's academic performance needed serious attention. She was studying in 7th standard then. Her school is a CBSE board affiliated school. As compared to SSC board, the volume of overall curriculum is more in CBSE. Also you need to understand the concepts thoroughly so as to attempt all the questions in the paper and get good marks. I, being a full time working professional, was not at all involved in her studies. Whatever was taught in the school was not sufficient for her to understand the concepts clearly. Because of some practical difficulties, it was not possible to send her for tuition.

And then we got her first term results and I was really worried. (This is an understatement!) I couple of years she was supposed to appear for her 10th standard exams. With such a weak foundation, how can she get good marks!

I knew my elder one was a bright student. Whenever I used to meet her teacher, the discussion always used to end up with the remark, "She has the potential, she just needs to perform."

As a mother I was overwhelmed with so many emotions. I already had a communication gap with her. (I will definitely write about this in a separate write-up.) Tough I was working on it, a guilt was there for not offering the support she needed from me. (I understand it not a deliberate act from my side, but I somehow failed to understand her needs.) It made me think if getting a promotion or a good salary hike in the office, at the cost of my daughter’s well being will definitely not make me happy.

I mean, I know just potential doesn’t lead a person to a successful life. And I just couldn’t imagine Shravanee lagging behind, just because she did not get the support she required in her crucial years.

I completely understand that getting good marks may not be an ultimate goal of life. But it can be a measure of a person’s confidence in self and positive outlook towards whatever he/she is supposed to do.

My elder one had many a times asked for my help in her studies. But due to my commitments at office and home, I was not able to help her. But her 7thstandard’s first term result was an eye opener for me. But I still was not sure if I will be able to sit with her after coming back from office. Hence I decided to start tuition for her class. So if I get even a single student other than my daughter, the commitment increases. Hence I put a message on her school’s whatsapp group that I would be conducting tuition. And I got a zero response. I was a little disheartened. Still I taught her a couple of topics for her next unit test. Her performance was improved a little. 

But after results of this unit test, I got a query from one of my elder one's friend’s mother regarding tuition!

To be continued…